Our Artists

Agnieszka Stępień

Speak to Agnieszka about her art and she will tell you that the strongest single influence on her life’s work was her father. “My father was educated in fine arts and skilled manually. Thanks to him, I spent countless hours drawing and painting. With my first gift of plasticine, he introduced me to the world of colors and shapes and enriched my imagination through bedtime stories.”

Agnieszka’s art finds expression across a variety of media including paintings, textiles and jewelry. She started working with glass in the late 90’s. Drawn to playful shapes and colorful pastels, she especially loves creating art and painting glass ornaments that appeal to children.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than putting an artistic figurine in front of a child and watching their spontaneous reaction. There’s nothing more honest and genuine. You know immediately if you’ve struck a chord.”

Agnieszka says that inspiration comes from the world around us: a sunset, a flower, a piece of jewelry, a theatrical costume. “Even the pattern that forms in a gourmet cup of coffee is cause for inspiration -- the sources are limitless -- they imprint themselves onto my imagination and sooner or later find their way onto painted glass.”