Our Artists

Ela Cichoń

Ask Ela about her life-long romance with painting and she will tell you, in the spirit of Eugene Delacroix, “If you were to take away all my paints, I would paint with mud… or, simply draw with a stick in the sand.”

Ela has worked not only in the medium of glass but also in porcelain, ceramics, on canvas and on paper. Her approach to everything she paints can be described as wide open – experimenting with a variety of techniques and styles.

“In my youth, I was fascinated with Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’; Frida Kahlo captivated me with her use of color and Salvador Dali with his unbridled imagination. I also love the ‘Fauvists’ of the early 20th century for their expression of emotion through wild brushstrokes and strident colors.”

Ela finds inspiration in all that surrounds her: nature, wildlife, travel (“I love people-watching”), music, theatre and fine-dining. “Every dish toiled over by its creator is an expression of art. Hand-painted glass ornaments are also an art form and should serve up a feast for the eyes much in the same way good food does for the palate and great music to the ears.”