Our Artists


"In order to grow," says Marcin, "you need to stop doing what comes easy and keep trying new things. There’s no challenge too great if you just give it enough time."

Marcin can recall the precise moment as a child when his entire world changed. He was barely five when he broke into a cabinet in his father’s study and discovered a collection of comics that introduced him to “Thorgal” – hero of the comic book series by Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme and Polish graphic artist Grzegorz Rosiński. Marcin could barely read but he took one look at the brilliantly illustrated adventure series that mixed fantasy images with science fiction and knew he was hooked… for life. From there it was a short leap to creating illustrations of his own. He drew with pencil and with chalk. He colored and painted everywhere he could – on paper, on walls and on side-walks.

In 1995, Marcin entered a training program for glass blowers at an ornaments factory where he often used drawings to illustrate technical issues. He quickly came to the attention of the Art Department who put his talents to work. Over the years Marcin’s artistic scope has broadened to include both manual and digital forms of art: sculpting in clay, digital sculpting, drawing in inks, markers and vector graphics. In 2012 he won 2nd place in the “Corel Draw International Design Contest” in the “Vehicle Wrap” category.