Our Story

Art is Our Heart

At Glitter Lab, artistry is our culture, heritage and tradition. All our ornaments are handcrafted with the utmost precision and individually handblown, painted and accented by the artisans on our incredible team. Using traditional techniques while applying today’s modern technologies, we bring the most ambitiously imagined concepts to life in stunning color.

Centuries in the Making…

The business of ornaments has grown exponentially in the ensuing centuries. They are mass produced around the world in countries like China and the United States. Yet true handcrafted ornaments are something very rare and very special, and there are different levels of value in handcrafted ornaments. In Poland, handcrafted ornaments still live. But what does “handcrafted” actually mean? It means making molds, stylizing the actual ornament, and adding the delicate finishing touches with paint.

Beauty Unlike Any Other

What makes Glitter Lab truly unique is the ability to create shapes and designs that glass will not normally take. The way this is achieved is a closely guarded trade secret. But by working with additional materials like resin, wood, crystals and metal, we make shapes that cannot be found anywhere else. Today, GlitterLab has partnerships with revered designers, artists and brands throughout the world. We would be pleased to offer you letters of endorsement from our renowned clients.