Challenge us!

Learning to understand what a variety of emotions our pieces are able to evoke was our most important lesson

Like all good things in life worth waiting for, the process of creating a glass ornament from scratch cannot be rushed. It goes something like this:

01Tell us about your idea

Anything can be drawn on a 2D piece of paper but not everything can be blown in glass. In the first step, we discuss what can be done to make your idea or your sketch a reality.

02Let’s discuss the details

Now that we know what’s possible, we present our proposed solution. In the case of molded shapes, this most often comes in the form of a soft clay sculpt - amenable to changes as requested. We go through as many trials as it takes to capture the spirit of the original art.

03Evaluating the cost

Craftsmanship means that each project needs different materials, techniques, and skills. We don’t have a flat rate for creating a given ornament. But if you tell us what you need, we’ll prepare a detailed budget so that you know the exact cost of your creations.

04Your precious ornaments

Once we’ve come through the sampling process, our team of skilled artisans take over and work their magic creating multiples of the original sample - all similar to each other and yet, no two are identical.

Looking to bring your ideas to life? Challenge us!

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