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Who we are

The next generation of creators

At the heart of our work are the techniques we inherited from our ancestors. When we sprinkle new technologies on top, the result is truly breathtaking.

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Our precious works of art

Luxury glass crafted ornaments

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Our precious works of art

Luxury glass crafted ornaments

Individually handblown, painted, and accented, all of our ornaments are handcrafted with the utmost precision.

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Imagine a world full of delight and elegance. That’s the world of GlitterLab.

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From simple to complex

We breathe life into your ideas

The same 2-dimensional drawing can take ten different interpretations. Not every design lends itself to a 3-dimensional blown glass ornament. It takes years of expertise to know how to make the leap.

While we specialize in creating customized ornaments for our clients, we also have a vast array of pieces we created for ourselves.


What makes GlitterLab truly unique is the ability to create shapes and designs that glass will not normally take.

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Loved by designers, desired by global brands.

Challenge us to find a creative solution to an ornament that you’d like custom designed.

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